Paperless Environment

Businesses have been going paperless for decades. Whether it is an email or a handwritten note, the need to use paper has declined significantly in recent years. This trend is especially true with accounting and finance departments. There are many benefits to going paperless in the world of accounting. Going paperless can save you time and money by cutting down on office supplies, printing costs, postage fees, and storage space. When it comes to filing your documents or organizing them for tax season, you will be able to find everything with ease because all of your files are stored electronically. And finally, going paperless is a great way to go green!

Here at Twenty-Three accounting we believe that the accounting industry has been slow to adopt paperless policies. With the advent of Covid-19 many have been forced to go paperless. But an even better way to go paperless is voluntarily!  



Don’t forget about RRSPs! It is one of the best ways to minimize tax in Canada. It allows you to defer paying income tax on contributions until later, so you can take advantage of compound interest over time.


Paperless Environment
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